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A revolution in a cup: The promise of La Natura Lifestyle

Coffee and tea are our passion. But at the same time we want to contribute to a greener planet with every cup. Almost endless amounts of plastic waste and threatened nature: we had to do something. Our Nespresso®* compatible coffee and tea capsules are more than just a part of your morning routine. They are a step towards a sustainable future.

The birth of a game changer

After years of research and development and an unwavering commitment to greater sustainability, we found the solution: the first patented and only functional capsule system for food. Certified compostable coffee capsules without any plastic. These capsules are at the heart of La Natura Lifestyle and embody our commitment to quality, sustainability and ethical standards.

Compostable: From the cup into the compost

Our capsules are made from plant-based materials and can be composted at home, leaving no harmful residue. In this way the circle closes: the packaging returns to the earth and enables new life. With La Natura Lifestyle you not only get high-quality organic coffees and teas, but you also contribute to a significant reduction in plastic waste.

A change with a big impact

The introduction of La Natura Lifestyle's compostable capsules is an important step towards environmental protection. Traditional coffee capsules are made of plastic and aluminum - materials that take several hundred years to break down. Our capsules, on the other hand, return to the ground within a few months. This is innovative. But it is also our attempt to preserve the beauty of our planet - for many future generations.

A hopeful look forward

We want to set an example and show that small decisions can have a big impact on the environment. With La Natura Lifestyle you become part of a community that is committed to sustainability and a healthy planet.

Your cup, your commitment

With La Natura Lifestyle you get a cup that is filled to the brim: with coffee or tea - but also with the promise of a greener world. Every capsule is proof of our ecological commitment. So you can enjoy your favorite drinks with a clear conscience. Be there! Let's integrate sustainability into our everyday lives - with every cup.

It cannot be the case that we should use packaging that has a decomposition process of 400 to 600 years when there are already materials that biodecompose between 6 and 12 months.


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Treat yourself to true enjoyment – ​​with La Natura coffee and tea. Our fine coffee beans and tea leaves promise a symphony of taste, from the field to the cup. Experience the essence of true passion - with every sip. Discover our range now.

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