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Our tea – good for you and the planet

Our tea is a little different - because we're not just about the taste (of course our tea is delicious!), but also about making a difference. From the beginning. That's why our tea plants are grown according to organic standards, without synthetic pesticides or genetically modified organisms. The tea in your cup couldn't be more natural. With our special, patented processing method, we ensure that the taste and aromas are fully preserved. The tea is then packaged in compostable capsules. And because we adhere to strict EU regulations for organic products, you can rely on one thing: what you are drinking is one of the most sustainable teas ever.

Cultivation and selection

Our tea begins in lush green natural landscapes, surrounded by lush biodiversity. When the tea leaves are ready to harvest, they are carefully picked by hand - so that only the best ingredients end up in your cup. Every sip of our tea promises purity, depth of flavor and high ethical standards - thanks to the tireless commitment of our farmers.

Patented processing

After harvesting, our tea is cold crushed and vacuum sealed using an innovative, patented process. This way, the natural flavors of the tea are fully preserved and you can taste the essence of traditional tea ceremonies in your cup.

Packaging and enjoyment

In a final step, our teas are lovingly packaged in compostable capsules. Another sign of our unwavering commitment to a green planet. The tea capsules manufactured in our state-of-the-art factory combine comfort with environmental friendliness - so that with every cup of our premium tea you can not only enjoy delicious flavors and Swiss quality, but at the same time do something for the environment. This is how we put a smile on your face with every sip of tea.


We use tried and tested techniques for coffee production. Our coffee beans are carefully grown, selected, roasted and ground. Our organic teas are hand-picked, carefully dried and offered in the right size and shape - for perfection in every cup.

La Natura



Swiss quality

Organic certified coffee in barista quality - carefully roasted, ground and packaged in Switzerland. Our coffee beans come from organic farming in mixed culture; the coffee cherries are picked by hand, cleaned, dried and transported to our production facility in Switzerland for further processing.

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Treat yourself to true enjoyment – ​​with La Natura coffee and tea. Our fine coffee beans and tea leaves promise a symphony of taste, from the field to the cup. Experience the essence of true passion - with every sip. Discover our range now.

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